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Kristiansand city walk with guide

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Kristiansand has a long and interesting history as the central point for trade and commerce in the southern part of Norway.

What better way to explore the center of Kristiansand, with its colorful houses and interesting history, then by joining us on a 2 hour guided city walk.

Kristiansand, the capital of the south, was almost entirely destroyed by bombs in 1940. The reconstruction created a new image for the town,
with modern buildings in many different colors. Your walk starts from your hotel and first stop will be at the local fish market where you will
be able to take a look at all the local seafood specialties.

Continue your walk along the seaside past the guest marina, the Christiansholm fortress and up along the river Otra. The old part of the town has many characteristic right angled streets and is known as Kvadraturen in Norwegian. Part of this area is Posebyen that constitutes one of the largest collection of low, wooden houses in Northern Europe.

The guide will explain you about the big city fire that destroyed half of the cities houses and show you how the locals have managed to make small specialty boutiques and cafes flourish in this part of town. Walk through the center of the city, past the cathedral and local market place.


Desde NOK 234

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