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Manor Houses & Gardens of the South


A unique voyage through some of the relatively unknown history of the manor houses and gardens of southern Norway.


After a drive through the old town of Posebyen, the first stop will be at the Gimle Manor House and Botanical Gardens.The Gimle estate was built around 1800. Collections of paintings, period furniture, china etc. reflect a family home through five generations. It is now a cultural museum of historic interest, surrounded by an English style botanical garden with a historical rose garden dating from 1850 as well as modern rose varieties. Here you will find Norway's largest collection of cacti as well as flowers and trees from all over the world.

Next you stop at the Myren Manor House and Rhododendron Garden. In 1764 the cotter's farm known as "Myren" was separated from "Fiskågård" and in 1854 consul Wild bought the place and built the houses in the best Swiss style, as a summer house for his ailing wife Mathilde. The gardener Poul Holst Poulsson from Christiania drew up plans for a garden in the English style in 1860 and in the course of a couple of years the marshy terrain was built up with ballast from sailing ships coming by Christiania. Along with these ballasts came a number of plants and seeds which took hold in the southern Norwegian climate. The park is therefore an experience for botanists and flower lovers alike.

Last stop will be at the Ravnedalen Park. Ravnedalen is a magnificent garden; build up by soldiers from 1874 – 1878, armedwith seeds and flowers, instead of weapons. The area was originally a swamp and a few tall mountains, but during the 4-year period, it was changed into one of the most popular parks in Kristiansand. The gardener lived with his family inside thepark, and his home is today turned into a small café. Enjoy a guided walk through the park with its spectacular scenery with the lake and the beautiful flowers and plants before heading back to your ship.


4 hours

00:00 – depart from Guide Sør, drive through old town Posebyen enroute to Gimle Manour House & Botanical Garden

00:30 – guided visit to house/museum and gardens

01:30 – depart for drive to Myren Manor House and Rhododendron Garden

01:45 – arrive at Myren Manor House, guided visit to house and garden

02:45 – depart for drive to Ravnedalen Park

03:00 – guided walk through the park

03:45 – depart for drive back to the city

04:00 – arrive at Guide Sør





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