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Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement park

Kristiansand Zoo is Norway`s most frequently visited attraction covering an area of 150 acres of wild Nordic terrain. It is totally different from other European zoos, which are characterised by bars and heavy padlocks. In Dyreparken, the animals have wide open spaces in which to roam - however, the visitors are still able to get up close to observe some of the most beautiful animals - like the red panda, which is threatened by extinction.

The Africa exhibition allows you to move along a bridge and a path observing native savanna animals such as giraffes, zebras and lions. The park is 11 km (6 mi) east of the town (Kristiansand).

In an open air area you will find some of the smaller monkeys run wild amongst the trees and swing on the ropes while you can move amongst them! Inside the rain forest, in the humid


Adress: Kardemomme By, 4609, Kristiansand