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Explore South Cape of Norway by Audioguide

Norway's south cape is located at the Lindesnes Lighthouse in spectacular surroundings. Built in 1655, Lindesnes Lighthouse is Norway's oldest lighthouse. It lies on the southernmost tip of the Norwegian mainland, 2,518 kilometers from the North Cape. The lighthouse has been designated a national lighthouse museum, and hosts various exhibitions relating to the development and history of lighthouses, maritime culture and so on. From the top of the lighthouse you have an amazing view over the coastal landscape. Set of from the Guide Sør office in Kristiansand and enjoy a scenic drive via highway Lindesnes and the south cape. You will pass by the village of Mandal in route to the south cape. Arriving in Lindesnes you will have one full hour to explore and enjoy this amazing sight. Climb to the top of the lighthouse, watch the movie about the history of Lindesnes, catch some spectacular photos of the southernmost tip of Norway. Its then time to head back towards Kristiansand, this time by coastal road. A short photo stop is made in the village of Høllen before following the North Sea Route back to Guide Sør. You will get in depth guiding about southern Norway as well as the south cape and Lindesnes Lighthouse through your VOX360 audioguide. Timing: Depends on the date you have booked your tour but the schedule goes like this. Four and a half hour tour. 00:00 – drive from pier in Kristiansand, scenic drive over mountains to Lindesnes 01:30 – arrive at Lindesnes Lighthouse – the south cape of Norway. Free time and visit. 02:30 – departure from the south cape for scenic drive along the coast to Høllen village 03:30 – short stop in Høllen (photo stop, toilet stop) 03:50 – departure for drive to Kristiansand and ship (along the North Sea Route) 04:30 – arrive back at ship Languages: English, German

Explore the south cape of Norway

Norway's south cape is located at the Lindesnes Lighthouse in spectacular surroundings. Built in 1655, Lindesnes Lighthouse is Norway's oldest lighthouse. It lies on the southermost tip of the Norwegian mainland ( 2,518 kilometers from the North Cape). The lighthouse has been designated a national lighthouse museum, and hosts various exhibitions relating to the development and history of lighthouses, maritime culture and so on. From the top of the lighthouse, you have an amazing view over the coastal landscape. Arriving at the south cape you will be greeted by the lighthouse host. First you will be shown a film about the history of the lighthouse and then you will join your guide for a tour through the museum and up to the top of the lighthouse, for those who wish to climb the stairs! The south cape is unique and beautiful in both sunny and stormy weather. Visitors to the south cape very often get a dramatic feeling of the forces of the weather and its implication on nature. Enjoy the spectacular views over the ocean and the waves smashing agains the rock below. Before getting back on the bus you will be served a home baked "lighthouse muffin" together with a cup of coffee or tea. Its then time to head back towards Kristiansand. This time partially by coastal road, passing idyllic summerhouses and scenic views so typical for southern Norway. Arriving in Høllen (a small suburb to Kristiansand) we will make a short stop before continuing along the scenic North Sea Route back to Kristiansand. Timings: Hours: 5   Schedule This depends on what time the tour starts at that exact date but the timings goes like this: 00:00 Depart from Guide Sør  01:30 Arrive at the south cape and Lindesnes, film and guided visit (optional lighthouse muffin and coffee/tea) 02:15 Free time to explore the lighthouse and its surroundings 02:25 Depart for return drive to Kristiansand, this time partially by scenic coastal road 04:15 Photo stop in Høllen (toilet stop) 05:00 Arrive back at Guide Sør

Kristiansand City Hightlights

Make the most of your time in Kristiansand! Visiting all the most important sights in and  around the city. The first stop will be at the largest open-air museum in Norway, Vest Agder Cultural Heritage Museum.  Approximately 30 houses have been re-erected here and the  area divided into 4 sections, giving you an impression of the various districts. From the museum you will drive out to the suburb of the city and the village of Soegne. Driveby the old church Soegne Gamle Kirke before driving to Hoellen, where you will stroll through one of the old streets lined with picturesque wooden houses on each side. Return to Kristiansand by the coastal road, passing idyllic summer cottages along the way. Back in Kristiansand you will stop at the cathedral “Kristiansand Domkirke” for a photo stop and entrance if its open.   Continue down the shopping street “Markens” until arriving by the seaside and the Christiansholm Fortress. Enter for a look at the canons and enjoy the spectacular view over the marina and the ocean. Stop at the local fish market to see the wide variety of fish and seafood that are on display. The last visit will be to the new concert house “Kilden”, an amazing display in modern times architecture, design and technology. Tour Facts: DATE: Cant find a tour on a specific date on the booking calendar? Contact us and we will set it up for you. TIME: 4 hours  TOUR CATEGORY: Traditional & historical ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: By bus & foot (around 1 hour walking)

Kristiansand City Walk by VOX360

What better way to explore the centre of Kristiansand!              Vox 360 radios are a new addtittion to our tour offers, it's a self guiding system where you receive a radio, map and earplugs.  You simply point the radio towards the map, then scan the icon of the place of interest you want to hear history about, all in 10 different languages! You can explore the city on your own, and choose what you want to visit to suit your own preferences. Kristiansand, the capital of the south, was almost entirely destroyed by bombs in 1940. The reconstruction created a new image for the town, with modern buildings in many different colors. We recommend your first stop will be at the local fish market where you will be able to take a look at all the local seafood specialities. You can then continue your walk through the center of the city, past the cathedral and local market place, folllowing the suggestive route or choosing your own path. The old part of the town has many characteristic right-angled streets and is known as Kvadraturen in Norwegian. Part of this area is Posebyen which constitutes one of the largest collection of low, wooden houses in Northern Europe. You will hear about the big city fire that destroyed half of the cities houses. You will enjoy a walk along the river Otra and follow the seawalk taking you past the Christiansholm Fortress and the marina. Suggested tour time: 2 hours Languages: Norwegian, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, Russian, Japanese

Kristiansand war history tour

Join us on an exciting war history tour around Kristiansand During the Second World War, Norway was important to Germany for two primary reasons: as a base for naval units to harass Allied shipping in the North Atlantic and to secure shipments of iron-ore from Sweden through the port of Narvik. Norway was attacked on the 8th of April, 1940. During this war history tour you will get a first hand look into what happened in and around the city during the occupation.    Starting off from the old military station at Odderøya your first stop will be at the Kristiansand Cannon Museum at the Vara Battery. Following the German invasion of Norway, construction of a large number of artillery installations began along the coast, including the Vara Battery. The battery is now operated as a museum and shows and important part of Norwegian military history. It houses the only completely intact 38 cm gun remaining in the world. The guided visit also includes a visit to the bunkers beneath the cannon with interesting exhibits.   It’s then time to head back in to town and stop at the Arkivet. Stiftelsen Arkivet is a foundation working with information, documentation, education and research. The foundation is based in a building which served as the Gestapo regional headquarters during the 2nd World War, with the basement functioning as a detention and interrogation center. You will be guided through the building where the prison cells and torture chambers from 1942-45 have been reconstructed and the events that took place in the basement are illustrated by the installations and human size dolls.    On the way back to the city you drive by the old part of town. This part of Kristiansand has many characteristic right angled streets and is known as Kvadraturen in Norwegian. Part of this area is Posebyen which constitutes one of the largest collection of low, wooden houses in Northern Europe. Timing depends on the date of the booking but the schedule goes like this:   00:00 – depart from Guide Sør to Møvik and the Cannon Museum 00:30 – arrive at the Cannon Museum. Guided visit. 01:30 – departure for drive to Arkivet 02:00 – arrive at Arkivet and guided visit 03:00 – depart Arkivet for drive through Posebyen on the way back to Guide Sør 03:30 – arrival back at Guide Sør  

Manor Houses & Gardens of the South

A unique voyage through some of the relatively unknown history of the manor houses and gardens of southern Norway.   After a drive through the old town of Posebyen, the first stop will be at the Gimle Manor House and Botanical Gardens.The Gimle estate was built around 1800. Collections of paintings, period furniture, china etc. reflect a family home through five generations. It is now a cultural museum of historic interest, surrounded by an English style botanical garden with a historical rose garden dating from 1850 as well as modern rose varieties. Here you will find Norway's largest collection of cacti as well as flowers and trees from all over the world. Next you stop at the Myren Manor House and Rhododendron Garden. In 1764 the cotter's farm known as "Myren" was separated from "Fiskågård" and in 1854 consul Wild bought the place and built the houses in the best Swiss style, as a summer house for his ailing wife Mathilde. The gardener Poul Holst Poulsson from Christiania drew up plans for a garden in the English style in 1860 and in the course of a couple of years the marshy terrain was built up with ballast from sailing ships coming by Christiania. Along with these ballasts came a number of plants and seeds which took hold in the southern Norwegian climate. The park is therefore an experience for botanists and flower lovers alike. Last stop will be at the Ravnedalen Park. Ravnedalen is a magnificent garden; build up by soldiers from 1874 – 1878, armedwith seeds and flowers, instead of weapons. The area was originally a swamp and a few tall mountains, but during the 4-year period, it was changed into one of the most popular parks in Kristiansand. The gardener lived with his family inside thepark, and his home is today turned into a small café. Enjoy a guided walk through the park with its spectacular scenery with the lake and the beautiful flowers and plants before heading back to your ship. Timing: 4 hours 00:00 – depart from Guide Sør, drive through old town Posebyen enroute to Gimle Manour House & Botanical Garden 00:30 – guided visit to house/museum and gardens 01:30 – depart for drive to Myren Manor House and Rhododendron Garden 01:45 – arrive at Myren Manor House, guided visit to house and garden 02:45 – depart for drive to Ravnedalen Park 03:00 – guided walk through the park 03:45 – depart for drive back to the city 04:00 – arrive at Guide Sør    

The setesdalsbanen Vintage Railway & the Cultural heritage museum

Enjoy a nostalgic journey through the old days, travel by a steam engine train and visit the cultural heritage museum of Kristiansand.   Enjoy the 30 minute scenic drive up the Setesdalen Valley until reaching Grovane Station. The Setesdal Vintage Railway was opened in 1896 to link the town of Kristiansand with the Setesdal Valley. The line was discontinued in 1962, but fortunately some of the track was re-opened as a veteran railway line. The railway is powered by a steam engine, dating from around the turn-of-the last century. Enjoy the journey passing through tunnels, under avalanche shelters and across a dam. Next to the railway line you can see the timber slide which was used to transport logs down to the coast for export. The final destination is Røyknes, where you will re-board your coach for the journey back to Kristiansand alongside the River Otra.  Arriving back in Kristiansand you will stop at the Vest Agder Cultural Heritage Museum. Together with your guide your will get insight into how Norwegians lived in the old times and see the special architecture of the houses from the region of Setesdal. Here you can sample the local specialty “lefse” and shoot some amazing photos. Filled with impressions it ́s time to head back to the Timing: 00:00 – drive from Guide Sør to Grovane station 00:45 – train ride to Røyknes 01:10 – free time at Røyknes 01:30 – scenic drive down the valley to the Open Air museum 02:15 – guided visit to the open air museum 03:30 – drive through old town and city centre on the way back to the ship 04:00 – arrival back at Guide Sør