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Kristiansand Cathedral

Kristiansand Cathedral is the principal church of the lutheran, Norwegian Stats Church in the Agder and Telemark Diocese.

Todays´s cathedral is the fourth church built on this site. The first church was erected soon after the foundation of Kristiansand in 1641.

In 1682 the Bishop´s seat was transferred from Stavanger to Kristiansand and the city´s first cathedral was consecrated in 1696.

The first cathedral was destroyed by fire in 1734 and a new cathedral, built on the same site, was completed in 17838. The building was again destroyed by fire in 1880 and the present cathedral was consecrated in 1885. Today´s cathedra, built in a neb-gothic style, was designed by the architect Henrik Thrap-Meyer; his other work includes Victoria Terrace in Oslo.


The cathedral is 60m long and 38,8m broad; the tower is 70m high. It is one of Norway´s largest church buildings.


Adress:   Gyldenløves gate 9, 4611 Kristiansand