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Bragdøya is an island close to Kristiansand in Norway.

The island is owned by the municipality of Kristiansand who bought it in 1969 with a government grant as a public open space. This with the proviso that the islands would be a recreation of the city. It has for centuries been inhabitors Bragdøya. "Siffuord Bragdøen" is mentioned in written sources as owner from 1610 and onwards.

The first manor house in Kristiansand was built in Bragdøya around 1770. In 1915 there were built two large warehouses on the west side of Bragdøya where mackerel was salted and packed for export.

But the business did not go particularly well, and in the Interwar period the business was ended.

There are several older cottages on the island. 


Ferry leaves from Auglandsbukta monday - friday, all year long:

From Auglandsbukta:  kl. 07.45     09.00     11.00     14.45

From Bragdøya:            kl. 08.45     10.45     14.35     15.25