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The byglandsfjord & steamboat "Bjoren"

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Norway is famous for it ́s breathtaking fjords and here in the south we can offer you a unique experience of cruising with the vintage steamboat Bjoren through the beautiful Byglandsfjord.


The drive from the pier in the city and up the Setesdalen valley gives you an impressive look at the beautiful Norwegian nature, passing several waterfalls on the way. Arriving in Byglandsfjord you will board the vintage steamboat Bjoren for a 2 hour scenic cruise on the fjord up to Bygland village. You will pass through locks on your way up the fjord and have the opportunity to take in the majestic mountains encircling the lake.


Arriving in Bygland you will disembark the boat anddrive to the unique Setesdals museum for a guided tour of the traditional building styles of Setesdalen as well as the glassblower hut. Driving back down to Byglandsfjord you will stop at a local restaurant for a delicious lunch. Enjoy the breathtaking view over the lake while enjoying a traditional 3-course menu.


7 hours


Traditional & historical

Adittional information:

By bus & vintage steamboat




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