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Kristiansand war history tour

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Join us on an exciting war history tour around Kristiansand

During the Second World War, Norway was important to Germany for two primary reasons: as a base for naval units to harass Allied shipping in the North Atlantic and to secure shipments of iron-ore from Sweden through the port of Narvik. Norway was attacked on the 8th of April, 1940. During this war history tour you will get a first hand look into what happened in and around the city during the occupation. 


Starting off from the old military station at Odderøya your first stop will be at the Kristiansand Cannon Museum at the Vara Battery. Following the German invasion of Norway, construction of a large number of artillery installations began along the coast, including the Vara Battery. The battery is now operated as a museum and shows and important part of Norwegian military history. It houses the only completely intact 38 cm gun remaining in the world. The guided visit also includes a visit to the bunkers beneath the cannon with interesting exhibits.


It’s then time to head back in to town and stop at the Arkivet. Stiftelsen Arkivet is a foundation working with information, documentation, education and research. The foundation is based in a building which served as the Gestapo regional headquarters during the 2nd World War, with the basement functioning as a detention and interrogation center. You will be guided through the building where the prison cells and torture chambers from 1942-45 have been reconstructed and the events that took place in the basement are illustrated by the installations and human size dolls. 


On the way back to the city you drive by the old part of town. This part of Kristiansand has many characteristic right angled streets and is known as Kvadraturen in Norwegian. Part of this area is Posebyen which constitutes one of the largest collection of low, wooden houses in Northern Europe.

Timing depends on the date of the booking but the schedule goes like this:


00:00 – depart from Guide Sør to Møvik and the Cannon Museum

00:30 – arrive at the Cannon Museum. Guided visit.

01:30 – departure for drive to Arkivet

02:00 – arrive at Arkivet and guided visit

03:00 – depart Arkivet for drive through Posebyen on the way back to Guide Sør

03:30 – arrival back at Guide Sør


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